Marcus Henry

From Video to SEO

With broadband increasingly available and becoming faster all the time thanks to advances in fiber optic services, video advertising is quickly replacing text or static image advertising in an online repeat of the rise of television marketing. With this change has come a whole host of video advertising options and, of course, a slate of techniques to use them. Whether a marketing plan consists of traditional “commercial-style” advertisements or a video blog discussing various projects and brand information, there is always a benefit to performing a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) evaluation in order to drive up the ratings and draw in website traffic.

SEO is the process of using various technical aspects of site construction in order to boost a site's presence on search engine inquiries. This process is usually thought of as applying to articles and keywords, but there are ways to use SEO in order to boost a video as well, and they are quite simple to implement for virtually no cost.

First, consider hosting the video on YouTube. This can either be the primary source for the brand's videos, such as taking the form of a dedicated YouTube channel, or an archive/alternative solution for people who spend less time on company sites and more on video sites. Uploading to YouTube automatically lists a video on Google's search engine, which is a significant plus.

Google has some odd quirks about how it indexes information, so anyone submitting a video to Google should do so using a video sitemap rather than an XML sitemap. This helps flag the video for Google's search crawlers and gets it noticed more quickly.

Another method is to consider the topic of the video, run it through Google's AdWords a few times to find the best keyword trends related to it, and then pick the title based on that. Put together similar tags that will gather a favorable response.

These are only a few of the options available for SEO-minded video, but implementing even these three will show a dramatic increase in a video's search engine rankings.

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