Marcus Henry

Online Credibility Missteps

There are a number of digital marketing “how-tos” out there, and not all of them are as reliable as they could be. One issue that doesn't seem to get addressed enough is how to avoid shattering your online credibility. There are many mistakes that can be made, but most guides seem to focus on promoting the newest marketing tool rather than dealing with concepts. To that end, let's have a look at five of the bigger online credibility blunders to avoid.

Award Overboard
It can be gratifying to receive an award for good service that your company offers. However, there are dozens of agencies out there with their own award schemes of varying sorts. While it is good form to accept any awards you are offered, there is no reason to trumpet each and every one. Save the big announcements or the awards page for those awards that come from credible agencies within the industry of choice for your organization.

No News? NO NEWS.
Don't send out meaningless press releases, particularly to your e-mail list. Keep press releases relevant — new products, major service changes, etc. If you have a physical storefront, news that you moved buildings is fine. If you're a purely online service, the list doesn't need to know.

Ho-hum Blog
Blogging, as discussed before, is a more casual type of marketing and commentary than others. Don't simply use it as another platform for a bland press release: Give it some teeth with a degree of insight and intelligent commentary. Let it be the audience's window into the company, not just another advertisement.

Social Media Misconduct
Again, social media is a fine place to promote a company, but it is built on the concepts of reciprocity. If you aren't contributing new material that others can discuss, and aren't responding to conversations equally, you won't get a good reputation.

Vox Employee
Let the staff talk. If you have staff with good ideas, or a real star performer who outdid all expectations, get them a blog of their own, or at least an interview on the corporate blog. Showcase that you have a great work environment and people get rewarded for good service, and you'll spark interest. If their voices don't get out, you're just another face among many. Let your staff brand your company.

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