Marcus Henry

Internet Marketing Strategy - The Response Factor

When discussing your Internet marketing strategy, particularly a social media one, how far up does response to customers or even random commenters on your social sites rank? If it isn't among the first elements of your strategy, then your strategy has a critical flaw. Worse yet, if it isn't a clearly listed, individual point within the strategy, then you do not have a strategy.

This should be obvious, but the point is often missed amid talk of web metrics, analytics, traffic data and other marketing concerns. This is not to say these elements are not critical — they are. One needs these data to understand the subtleties of customer response and make decisions that can have a measurable impact on the brand. However, they all occur relative to the value of the conversation that is had with the potential customer.

Each customer is a person, not a wallet to be pried open and relieved of its contents. Bad marketing response builds bad press, and word of mouth is still the most effective means of propagating information about a company and its associated brands. Bad press will spread almost instantly on the web, be it through Facebook or the host of parody sites that exist solely to lampoon bad decisions.

Thus, it should be a central tenet of your marketing strategy that you communicate with the client, customer or market as clearly and consistently as possible. A system for responding to inquiries and complaints should be discussed from the very first meetings. The particulars do not have to be worked out, but anticipating customer contact and concerns is important to have foremost in mind. This kind of thoughtfulness will drive the remainder of your strategy and inform the way you do business. Ultimately, a responsive and communicative company will win out over one that doesn't make the avenues of discussion as open as possible.

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