Marcus Henry

Social Media Marketing Tools for Professionals

As the field of social media marketing becomes ever more prevalent, it is inevitable that someone will come up with clever ways to make the process of SMM easier. Sometimes this involves the use of a particular system or campaign, but one of the least examined — yet most valuable — portions of this process is the use of marketing tools designed specifically for social media use. For now, let us look at an example of these tools and the benefits it offers.

Objective Marketer: This is an excellent tool for measuring each step of a social media campaign. In addition to providing methods of updating a number of social media sites at once, it provides an analytic system. This means the user can very easily measure website performance relative to the time a campaign began, and see where the campaign is most effective.

Prior to having a marketing tool such as OM, social media marketing would require keeping track of all this material separately. Now, is it hard to do so? Not at all; people have done it for years. It isn't that difficult to pull up a site's traffic report and compare traffic between months, making a note of when a campaign began or ended, then checking each site's traffic individually, etc.

What this tool and others like it do is simplify and speed up the process. Where before it could take several hours to go over and bring together the data, these sorts of tools put them all in one place and bring the analytic and updating processes under one section of the computer.

Not all of these tools are created equal. Some simply focus on updating material, while others are more strenuously focused on analytics. Some can update more sites at once than others. Research which one will work best for your needs, but above all find one that reduces your marketing analytic process to a single step.

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