Marcus Henry

Marketing Tools - Samaritan Tweets - Promoting Yourself Through Others

There's pages and pages of text online how to market yourself effectively through Twitter. Any brand that doesn't have a Twitter account is missing out on the single most effective venue for viral promotions out there. Friend of friend word of mouth promotions are still the single most effective way to get information out there, so the trick isn't whether one should have a Twitter account, but rather how to take advantage of tweeting in order to most effectively promote various business elements.

One neglected area is the Samaritan tweet - a tweet that doesn't directly promote something your business is doing, but rather someone else's material. What's the point of doing something like this, one might ask. It's an odd decision, why promote the competition? This is a poor way to consider the market, because wealth and brand recognition is not, and has never been, a zero-sum game.

Perhaps another business is offering a service you don't directly provide, but is related. A recipe company may have a killer new line of salad cookbooks, let's say. Instead of relentlessly promoting the books, they tweet about some companies that make outstanding vegetable cutting machines and cutting boards for reasonable prices.

The effect of this kind of samaritan tweeting is twofold. First, it leads to better relationships in the community as people grow grateful for the friendliness, and reciprocate by re-tweeting your material as well, or even subscribing to your tweets. In the rest of the audience, it establishes that your twitter account is a place for good information on the topic you promote, rather than simply another online advertising venue in a world already crammed with advertisements.

So in short, consider doing someone else a favor and leveraging your audience toward them. The benefits may be indirect, but they are no less useful for that.

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