Marcus Henry

Customer Conversions Through Social Media

Recently, social media marketer Stephen Joyce gave a keynote speech talking about the challenges and methods of customer conversion through social media. It was an exceptional talk, and covered some very key elements that are utterly essential to bringing customers into an organization.

First, Joyce covered the ongoing fallacies surrounding social media, such as that it remains just a fad. Social media is huge, with millions of blogs and social media tags circulating the web at any given moment. Social media also is not just Facebook, but a whole host of programs, behavior patterns, marketing approaches and other options.

Joyce also addressed the most important element of social media success: the relationship factor. It has been said, here and elsewhere, that social media is about the conversation. These networks are composed first of the people, then of the software. The exact site they use is only a tool to facilitate what they actually want to do, which is talk about things that interest them. Any social media strategy has to account for this, and has to acknowledge that these relationships take time to build. Social media is not fast, nor is it easy, he reminded his audience.

Storytelling was another key focus of the talk. Joyce urged attendees to look at the success of Billy Mayes as a marketing icon. While it might seem that his whole gimmick was simply shouting, he actually was telling stories, aided by strong visuals. The story presented a conflict, such as a bad stain, a complication such as normal detergents not working and a happy ending with whatever new product he was promoting. People watched him for the showmanship, the storytelling — not the shouting. Present your case through a story, a narrative approach that lets the audience feel as if they are invested in the outcome, as if the end result will matter to them, Joyce noted.

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