Marcus Henry

Creating A Digital Marketing Strategy

Everyone knows that integrating social media into any marketing campaign is now almost required to have a successful campaign and a thriving business. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to define what social media is and how to reach social media optimization. It can also be hard to decide where to even begin building an online presence. A website seems to be a must for almost every business, but should a business also have a Facebook page and a Twitter account? Once a business has established an online identity, like a Facebook Fan page, it can be difficult to consistently drive traffic to that page and reach their target audience.

Fortunately, there are some simple tips and suggestions that even a small business can implement to make their digital marketing efforts more rewarding. First, create a page that people will want to look at. This means including complete and accurate information and relevant graphics. The worst offenses that small businesses can commit when creating a page is using stock graphics and providing out of date phone numbers or business hours. These pages look sloppy and reflect very poorly on the business. It is often worth spending a little bit of extra money to engage a professional web designer.

After the webpage has been created, the next step is to drive traffic to it. This can be accomplished in a number of ways: on-line ads, email marketing or more traditional advertisements. However, these types of ads cannot be directed at the right people all the time. If a business can get a customer to “like” their page on Facebook, subscribe to their blog or follow their Twitter feed, they will have a devoted audience that will be interested in what they have to say. This means that if a small business announces a sale or special product, they will be reaching directly out to their actual customers.

This presents the final difficult problem of getting the consumer to take the time to sign up for these types of alerts. A very useful app for this is called Like Us. This is truly social media optimization because it allows a customer to easily and quickly digitally connect with the business. The proprietor can then use this connection to develop additional business. Another way to get customers connected is to offer rewards for doing so. For example, when they are checking out, let them know that secret coupon codes are released only for Twitter followers or that by clicking “Like” on Facebook, they can receive a coupon and get early notification of sales.

Social media and digital marketing are important and useful tools in today’s marketplace. They should be used smartly and with discretion. Flooding customers with meaningless information will not build your brand. Check out other respected local businesses to see how they utilize things like Twitter and Facebook. There are also specialists that can consult with a business to help develop social media campaigns or ongoing online presence maintenance.

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