Marcus Henry

Social Media Advice for Small Business

Social Media Optimization revenue eclipsed search engine revenue recently. Many businesses see here an opportunity to leverage their customers’ brand loyalty, a new way to attract new business. This is the heart of Target Lead Marketing. If you want your business’s Facebook or Twitter feeds to convert reposts to revenue, what you have to figure out is how to grow a community.

An active community indicates successful Internet Marketing. Thriving communities are thriving social content generators. Social Media Optimization fine-tunes associations between users of a community. As such, social platforms have the ability to stretch your advertising dollars and maximize your marketing returns by targeting the audience most likely to buy your goods or services.

But how to go about it? Remember: Content is King in the Land of the Social, and Strategy is His Queen. A successful social campaign approaches both as halves of one whole. Without waxing too terribly esoteric, think of it like daily tides: one force, gravity, pulls water away from the shore at low tide and pushes it up on the shore at high tide. Similarly, the Internet is vast and full of complex dynamical flows. The crucial distinction here is, while you can’t control the currents that shape coastlines, you *can* control aspects of the currents that shape conversations. The tools you’ll need to do that? Content and strategy.

Step One: employ your platforms. Interact often, and don’t stop. Blog and post and tweet, multiple times a day. I highly recommend working from a production schedule so that your community knows when to expect to hear from you. And remember that you really are engaged in a conversation, so make sure you are listening to what your budding network is saying. Step Two: be mindful of your business’s goals and your brand. Reputations are easily made or broken by a business’s social outfit.

I use the “R.I.P.P. tide” method, a simple two-round litmus test, to maximize clients’ Social Media Optimization and increase their Target Lead Marketing effectiveness:

“R.I.P.P. tide”
• Relevant
• Interesting
• Professional
• Personal

Round one: check your content against this criteria to make sure it will actually capture your community’s attention. Almost nothing looks less professional than half-hearted “What do you think of this?” posts. Round two: ensure that your content meshes with your long-term vision. If you make sure to hit each of these points in each round, then your community can’t help but be engaged.

The key to Internet Marketing is first bringing people in to your community, then keeping them around. A successful community is measured by how engaged the customers are in that conversation. If you can keep their attention, you will win their trust, and you will be rewarded with more than their patronage – they will actually bring you business. If you generate content while keeping an eye on your larger business strategy and, by extension, your brand’s integrity, you’re set. Otherwise, you might as well throw your money into the briny deep.

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