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Intrusion Pest Control

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The Challenge

Prior to using my marketing service, Intrusion Pest Control relied largely on word of mouth referrals. With the rapid growth of the industry, IPC needed to bolster their exposure to homeowners who were not previously aware of their service.

The Solution

In order to solve their challenge, I developed a new website to capture the look and feel of an effective pest control company. In addition, I created professionally written content for the website and optimized it to attract web users searching for related keywords and phrases.

I also began an aggressive campaign to market the site on social media, press and article outlets to establish my client's expertise in the market.


The site was launched on a brand new domain, which can be difficult to rank early. After only 90 days, even with a brand new domain name and no pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, they earned a spot on page 1 of Google for key phrases for their business and on page 2 for some others.

Within a year, I was able to help the client earn natural search results through extensive article and PR efforts as well as good on-site optimization. This placed them very high in search engine rankings.

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