Marcus Henry

Kelly Tate, CPA

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The Challenge

When I first met Kelly, he recently launched a corporate CPA venture to complete tax preparation, and other accounting work. He built a website for his new business, but was in desperate need of Search Engine Optimization.

The Solution

To meet the client’s objectives, I started with a 20-keyword Search Engine Optimization (SEO) package. I used data from his Google AdWords campaign to develop a successful keyword set. I wrote quality content and began implementation of the content pages with a compete metatag revamp of his existing site.

I also took over management of his PPC campaign. I consolidated the campaigns and reviewed all keyword sets. I then removed those keywords that were generating high impression rates, but very low click volumes.

I implemented a goal conversion metric to determine which keywords brought the best traffic. By eliminating the high impression, low performing keywords, I was able to increase the budget on the higher performing keywords.

After optimizing the PPC campaign, I then built a landing page specifically for the PPC customers. The page was designed with conversion in mind.


From my efforts, the client gained a 100% increase in the amount of traffic generated from their website. In addition, they received an average of 3.8 leads a week from the website. Prior to using my services, there were no visitors from search engine traffic.

I began using Marcus for my SEO campaign in 2012. I had just opened my business (CPA office) at the time and my web address was brand new. Within a month of my campaign I began seeing real leads that were resulting in clients to my business. In the first three months of my business I have been very pleased with the results and have gotten numerous clients as a result of his marketing campaign. Even after my busy season I continue to gain clientele due to his campaign. I would definitely recommend Marcus to my friends and colleagues.
Kelly Tate, Owner at Kelly Tate CPA

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